Tiny House №2

External dimensions: 2.55 m (width); 7.25 m (length); 4 m (height with trailer).
Frame: wooden.
Insulation: extruded foam (100 mm).
Electrical wiring: copper.
Floor covering: natural wood.
Floor covering in the bathroom: tiles
Covering the walls in the bathroom: plastic lining.
Windows: two-chamber aluminum, laminated.
Entrance doors: aluminum, laminated.
Equipment: 2 sleeping places, a shower cabin, a boiler, kitchen furniture with a sink, lamps, sockets, switches.
External wall decoration: natural wood (false timber), painted TM TIKKURILA in combination with corrugated board.
Interior wall and ceiling decoration: natural wood (pine/spruce), painted.
Heating system: electric, sockets for connecting electric convectors.


Installation space: 18 m2
Number of modules: 1
Sleeping arrangements: 2

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