TM TICAB HOUSE – a manufacturer of prefabricated modular buildings and structures, which are manufactured in the workshop. It allows us to work in any weather conditions, regardless of the season.Our first house was built in 2008. Our management trained in the United States, Norway, and Poland, studying energy-efficient construction technologies, which proved itself in Canada, the United States, Finland, Norway, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Germany, and other countries. The popularity of wood-frame technology is growing in our country. During only the last four years, we have built more than 300 ready-made facilities.

Our houses, baths and business buildings are designed for those who value their time, each one of our houses is fully operational. The dimensions of every building are planned to transport them throughout Europe in a completely ready and habitable form. The customer only has to take the house off the car with a crane, install it on the foundation (single-module houses do not require installation), connect external communications and bring furniture. TM TICAB HOUSE is constantly evolving, scaling the business and capabilities. Today we produce not only one- and two-module houses, but also two-storey, three-, four-six-module turnkey buildings, where our customers already live and rest. In addition, we started the production of turnkey baths, saunas, recreation facilities, residences of St. Nicholas with paintings and more. It is also worth to note that in 2018 we entered the international market, which confirms the compliance of our products with international quality standards. Today our houses are already in Poland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Hungary, Germany.


The houses are made of environmentally friendly wood and insulated with mineral wool.


Modern technology will let you save money on utility bills.


House manufacturing with individual projects.


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Our mission is to make people happy, to make dreams of their own houses come true. Our deep conviction is that human life is fleeting, so the precious time should be spent on travel, communication with children and parents, friends, loved ones but not on tiring and troublesome construction of huge houses, which are expensive to heat… For the fair price and in the shortest possible terms we make the dream of our customers about their own house or cottage come true, which brings them closer to nature, and therefore – to the beauty! Often, there are only 2-3 weeks passed between the first call to a manager and the first glass of champagne on a terrace of your own house, and you spend the rest of the lifetime on something more pleasant. Alexander and Natalia Borowski.


Is the house suitable for year-round living?

Yes, all our houses are insulated with mineral basalt wool, so they are perfect for permanent residence, as our cottages, hotels, offices and more. There is an opportunity to change the insulator on any environmentally friendly natural material, such as: cellulose insulation, a flax fire, a thermolion, etc.

What is the heating in the house?

In the basic completed set the house has an electric heating system. Power sockets are installed under the windows for electric convectors and connected to a separate machine. Additionally, preparation can be performed for gas heating, installation of a stove, fireplace or solid fuel boiler.

What is the insulation of the house?

All walls, ceiling and floor are insulated with basalt mineral wool. In the basic completed set, the thickness of mineral wool in the walls is 10 cm, the floor and ceiling are 15-20 cm. For permanent residence, we recommend to order the Standard + complete set with 15 cm insulation in the walls and 20 cm on the ceiling and floor.

Is the house suitable for living in a humid climate?

Yes, it is. This house needs a simple foundation and compliance with the service recommendations (painting every 2-5 years, checking the connections, etc.). In addition, our houses can be installed on pontoons, close to fresh or saltwater.

Is it possible to change the internal design of the house?

Yes, internal planning can be changed. For a more detailed understanding of your preferences you can cooperate with our designer and make a sketch plan of a particular house for a nominal fee.

Is it possible to change the sizes?

The length can be changed up to 12.5 m, the width usually does not change, but it depends on the needs of the customer and the distance from our production site, the height varies – up to 20 cm if the whole house is being transported by one car. In the cases where the roof is delivered by a separate car, the building itself and the roof can be much higher.

How many environmentally friendly materials are used in the house?

All materials are environmentally friendly and safe for health.

What is the ventilation system?

Ventilation and kitchen hood ducts are made on demand.

How long can a house last?

The warranty on the structure is 10 years, but the houses of frame-wood technology stand at least for 50 years, under proper care and operation conditions.

How are materials processed?

The frame of the house is prepared with special antiseptic, which further protects the wood from rot, burning and pests. To do this, the production has a special bath, so the treatment is carried out by immersing the wood in the solution, as required by technology. Inside the house, water-based paints and varnishes are used, outside – a special facade paint with a UV filter.

Are there recommendations and foundation schemes?

We have two requirements for the foundation: the house must be ventilated from the bottom, ie the distance from the house to the ground must be at least 20 cm, and the foundation must be leveled in one plane. In addition to the collapsible metal foundation, pile, tape, columnar foundations or foundation blocks can be used. It all depends on the characteristics of the soil on the land.

Is it possible to replace the material of the interior walls with drywall?

Yes, you can, to order. Interior and exterior materials can be different at the request of the customer.

Do you make delivery?

Delivery is not included in the cost of the house, but we provide the customer with contacts of several transport companies with which we most often cooperate, in order to agree with them on the cost and terms of delivery of the house.

Is it possible to register a house on your plot?

So. Our houses have a great positive because they can be designed as real estate and as temporary structures (ie not designed at all). To register the house and obtain a technical passport for it, we provide all the necessary documents after signing the contract for the manufacture of the house.

What is the maximum size of a house you can make?

Today the maximum size of the house can be about 100 sq.m. This is a 3-module house, which will have a size of 6.8 * 15.9 m. In addition, today we can make 4-6-12-modular and two-storey buildings, the cost of square meters. meters which is calculated individually.