If you buy our houses, you will get:

  • great price from the producer;
  • avoiding long terms for completing the construction of the house;
  • a completely habitable house, which also includes: water, electricity and sewage installations;
  • prefabrication at our production hall, which allows increasing the quality of the building avoiding the impact of weather conditions on the structure during construction;
  • reducing the cost of home maintenance thanks to the energy-saving technology of frame houses;
  • the possibility of serial prefabrication of houses;
  • the possibility of repeated displacement of the building during its intended use.

Timber frame technology and building

Energy-efficient skeleton-wooden houses construction technology proven by many years of experience of affluent countries, including: USA, Canada, Finland, Japan, Norway, Denmark, who have been built such homes for more than 300 years.

Prefabrication of the house in our production hall allows you to receive a ready-to-live home within 2-3 weeks. Installation of the house on the client’s plot on the prepared foundation lasts only one day.

The ecological character of prefabricated modular wooden houses is based on the use of ecologically clean materials: coniferous wood types, mineral insulation, which correspond to the standard E1.

High energy efficiency of the house is achieved thanks to insulation with basalt wool, the main features of which are low thermal conductivity, water vapor permeability, non-flammability, effective heat and noise insulation, resistance to load, tightness, etc. 150 mm mineral wool allows you to reduce heating expenses up to 30%.

Heat insulation, which we use in our buildings has the following technical characteristics:

    Tightness kg/m3 30
    Heat conductivity λ10 °C kilowatt/m °С 0,034
    Heat conductivity λ25  °C kilowatt/m °С 0,037
    Classification of flammability non-flam
    Size of plates, mm 1000х600
    Thickness, mm 50-200

The house must be connected to three utility sources:

Electricity. On the inside of the building, there is a counter for consumption metering (in each area there is a modification) with an automatic safety input.

Water and sewage. The building has its own internal water and sewage system. The water is connected to a sink, water heater, toilet, shower, the special places to connect the washing machine and sinks are made. Water supply is carried out through a polyethylene pipe with a 25 mm outlet, which is to be connected to a pump that is drenched in a well or central water supply (can be connected to an external volume during a hot season). Sewage is routed through a pipe with a diameter of 100 mm into a central sewage system or a previously prepared cesspool (2 concrete wheels / plastic tank).


  • Is the house suitable for year-round life?

    All our houses are insulated with mineral basalt wool, which makes them ideal for permanent residence, as well as to be used as summer houses, hotels, offices, etc.

  • What is the insulation of the house?

    All the walls, ceiling and floor are isolated with basalt rock wool, steam, and a waterproofing foil. In the base set the thickness of the mineral wool in the walls – 15 cm, floor, and ceiling – 15-20 cm.

  • Is the house suitable for living in a humid climate?

    Yes, it is suitable for such conditions. This house requires a simple foundation and adherence to care (dyeing once every two years, checking connections, etc.). At extremely low air temperatures, there will be more electricity consumption. In addition, our homes can be installed on pontoons in the immediate vicinity of fresh or salt water.

  • Can you change the internal layout of your home?

    Yes, internal planning can be changed. In order to better understand the location of furniture, sockets, lighting, our independent designer can make a sketchy plan for a particular house for a symbolic price.

  • How long may such house serve?

    Warranty for constructions – 10 years, but houses with backbone technology may live at least 50 years, provided that they are properly nurtured and used.


  • Anyone who applies to us, receives information about our products immediately. An individual approach to the customer is guaranteed.
  • Our manager will advise the model that suits the needs of the client best and will be happy to help you choose the home furnishings.
  • Our engineers ideally match the design to the wishes of each client.
  • Prefabrication of the house in our production hall lasts within 2 – 3 weeks, throughout this period the customer systematically receives information about the process of order fulfillment.
  • At the client’s request, we will arrange delivery of the house to the plot, we will also help to find the foundation contractor.
  • At the client’s request, we will carry out all assembly works directly on the plot.
  • Final work associated with connecting to internal communications and home furnishing.