The total area of the sauna is 35m²

Technical description

✔️ External dimensions: 3.4 m (width),  10.29 m (length),  3.3 m (height)

✔️ Frame: dry calibrated timber, treated with bioprotection

✔️ Insulation: basalt wool (150 mm – walls, 200 mm – ceiling and floor)

✔️ External decoration of the roof: corrugated board

✔️ External decoration of the walls: natural wood spruce in combination with Ecobond panels

✔️Interior decoration of walls and ceiling: natural wooden lining

✔️ Electrical wiring: copper

✔️ Floor covering: laminate/semi-industrial linoleum

✔️ Floor covering in the bathroom: tiles

✔️ Walls in the bathroom: pine lining; shower area – ceramic tiles

✔️ Windows: two-chamber metal-plastic, laminated

✔️ Doors: entrance and interior “Standard +”

✔️ Complete set: LED lights, switches, sockets, boiler 80, shower cabin with a low tray, toilet

✔️ Heating system: discussed individually (in the standard – sockets near the windows without electric convectors)


The price does not include: delivery, foundation, external communications, truck crane services for unloading.

The dimensions of all constructions are planned in such a way that they can be transported throughout the EU in a fully finished state. The customer only unloads the house from the truck with a crane, installs it on the foundation (one-module houses do not require installation on “brick” foundations), connect the communications and brings in the favorite furniture.

Such homes will be ideal for a small family. It will also ideally suit the older people who dreamed about their own home outside the city


❤️  Made with love



The house already fully ready for occupation immediately after connecting to the utility communications.

  • The great price from the manufacturer
  • Avoiding long terms for completing the construction of the house
  • A completely habitable house, which also includes: water, electricity and sewage installations
  • Prefabrication at our production hall, which allows increasing the quality of the building avoiding the impact of weather conditions on the structure during construction
  • Reducing the cost of home maintenance thanks to the energy-saving technology of frame houses
  • The possibility of serial prefabrication of houses
  • The possibility of repeated displacement of the building during its intended use


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